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START HER FIT KIT was launched back in October of 2019.

In a short 5 weeks START HER ⭐️  challenge participants, took on their own personal fitness goals, and made the program work for them.

Below are their results.

A small reminder – each person is coming from a different background, in training, and nutrition, so the goal, was to SIMPLIFY, the nutrition CLARIFY what works for you, and provide ACCOUNTABILITY to ensure success.

YOU, after all, are the most important variable.


I had 22 challenge participants, for my second ever START HER FIT KIT, a  35-day personal fitness challenge.

Three (3) participants, by their own admission, did not follow the program, sickness, back injury, and one ghosted client.

THREE (3) other participants, started strong, but then fell off, for one reason or the other. I have included their results, as for the 2-3 weeks, they were part of the program they got results.

However, the program is set up, so that even if life hits, you are able to ⭐️ START, with this program once again, and you will get results.

Each participant was asked, to check-in their weight and measures, every Friday.
Photos were requested to be submitted at the beginning, middle and end of the challenge.

Each week, video presentations, on topics requested by the group were given, as well, as any special requests for various technique movement, or clarification question and answer summary videos.


On to the results.





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Of those who participated, they all lost weight.

Some participants opted, to do additional check-ins, or weight/measures, more frequently.

Some preferred to do less.

The biggest loss was 20lbs in 5 weeks; the next 14 lbs, then 13lbs.
The smallest weight loss; was 1-2lbs for the 5-week challenge.

The program implementation, was not 100% perfect on the plan, each day, however, there was progress.

This was one main goal for the challenge.





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Weight is just one measure, used to track progress.

We also look at measures.

There are times, when the scale changes very little however, the body measures, will change.

One client went from a 49-inch waist (anything over 40 inches is indicative of possible metabolic, and other health-related concerns), to a 42-inch waist.

Client hip inches lost vary between 1 inch to 5 inches off their hips.

Five (5)  week timeline is very short, and these are solid results.

Weight loss/Fat loss is never linear so we use a variety tracking method – qualitative and quantitative to evaluate that programming is working, and if you are progressing.


As an educator, (I used to teach high school math) I am big on learning, and creating habits, through practice.

About 25 days into the challenge, I had asked the following question:



Here is some of the feedback from START ⭐️ HER FIT KIT – 5 week challenge.


You can do it.
Your results are dependant on the effort you put in.
It takes a lot of cardio and nutrition to work off a small piece of pizza.

A. Chretien



How important consistency is.
How to create a mealplan that is in your alloted calories for the day.

C. Perry



Macro Counting
Muscles Need food.
Weighing foods.

E. Connolly


Counting Macros
Weighing Foods & choosing the right foods.
Workout out. 

P. Bronson



Eat more food – food, eat, food.
When you body has the right foods, no more 2pm slump
I miss working out, it is such a huge stress reliever for me.

S. Allaire



Listen to my body; rather than pushing it past its breaking point.
Listening to my hunger and know when it is time to eat.
Even the smallest change had impact.

J. Coleman



With the right coach, weight loss is possible
The feeling of being unable to move after the gym goes away if you move more.
Allowing myself a day off or a cheat meal, I can get back on track.

J. Stinson



More energy.
Better mood.
Starting to feel better in my clothes again.

N. Griffin



One more notch in my belt.
Never hungry.
Having a food scale is awesome.

S. Batley



    1. Getting your goals; is possible, even when life is difficult.
    2. Structure, organization is key to the success
    3. Learning is ongoing, it is up to you to keep going.
    4. Accountability keeps you on track.
    5. Investing in you; and your health is always a good thing.


Great results are possible with good quality programming + great coaching.

We learn by doing, making mistakes, adjusting, reading, and testing, then modifying and re-testing to see what will work, and what needs to be eliminated.

Over the years, I have learned, with works, for fat loss, and keeping weight off.

My challenge participants remained open to adjustments on the fly.

Here are some of the observations and scheduled improvements, for the next START ⭐️ HER FIT KIT.


Taking selfies, as the start progress photo, is not a good idea. There is a learning curve with taking a good, body photo so that as the weeks, progress, you can track, and visually track your progress, as scale weight, and body measurements, only shows part of the story.  Video guidance will be made for the next challenge, to help take better, start body photos.  A video would also be a good indicator of progress — week to week — take a video diary of your physique – a recommendation for the next challenge.



I use the online training platform as a way of delivering, the programming, however, interestingly enough, the first challenge, the group requested paper, this group 0 requests.



If you are looking for success in a short period of time, tracking is huge!  Weight, measures, are recommended to be tracked weekly, and photos, every 2-3 weeks as a guideline.
Using qualifiers, such as I feel better in my own skin, have more energy etc, can work as well, and can supplement the process. For instance, I had one client, who only tracked weight, and another that only wanted to weight themselves, once in 4 weeks.  It worked for both of them, however, they did track, at least one measure.



There is pressure for sure, to get amazing results in a short period of time.  One client lost 20lbs, while another was confused about why they only lost 3lbs.  This is why–tracking is key (see above)– and the other part of the puzzle –  the timeline is going to vary from person to person. This focus is on habits and establishing them.  If you get off track, and cannot find your way back — START HER FIT KIT is to help you find your way back to what works. The timelines do not really matter, as long as once the challenge is over —  you don’t stop.



Those that actively participated–messaged me weekly, participated in the A-TEAM Facebook group, asked questions, had better results.
Just like the math classes, I taught – those students who were more active in the learning receive better grades, took, more from the class, and had a better understanding.  I had a few quieter challenge participants, who still did the challenge, but posting on the A-TEAM Facebook group was a little less. They still tracked their food, training, and body measures/weight/photos.



This is a group online coaching program. If you do the work; the program works.



Organizational items, at the start of the challenge – like taking measures, tracking food, establishing routines, or even weights in the gym, take time, and well, there is a learning curve in anything ⭐️ new.  This challenge is 5 weeks, the first 3-5 days is used to ‘set up’ the structure.  Given this shorter, time frame, if we say 4 weeks, there is still a massive take away here – you can do anything if you have the right programming + structure + solid coaching to help you push through any roadblocks.

Now that this group has STARTED ⭐️ hopefully they will keep going.

That IS the ultimate goal – get started, keep going, and don’t stop.

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Coach, A.

Written by Allison Ethier
Allison Ethier, is a wellness lifestyle & body coach, IFBB Fitness Pro, and mom & coffee lover. She provides structured training, and flexible nutrition, to guide everyday athletes, to move better, build strength, and feel good in their own skin. B.Sc, B. Edu, NSCA-CPT, ISSN, PN1
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