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This page highlights, the most frequently asked questions, about coaching online, services, and personal training.

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Allison Ethier Online Coaching includes training programs (exercises, reps, sets, guidance), nutrition (macros, meal plans, adjustments), constant contact, ongoing support, and fitness education.

The advantage to online coaching is that you get a structured but flexible training and nutrition plan, based on your goals, current lifestyle, accountability, and immediate contact, from an experienced teacher, trainer and coach. 

I have a B.Sc in Biology, B. Education, NSCA-CPT certification for the last 13 years, CISSN in nutrition, CanFitPro PTS, and PN1.

I was a high school math teacher for 10 years, before transitioning into fitness coaching and personal training.

All personal training certifications require CEUs – continuing education credits and require recertification every 1-3 years.  

I have 25 years in the fitness industry, working with clients in person and online.  Study and research are ongoing, as the fitness industry is constantly evolving.

Online coaching can be in the lifestyle coaching group or 1:1 Coaching.

The level of support, program design, and contacts vary on your individual needs.  More information can be found under COACHING.  I encourage you to fill out the coaching application and can direct you further to find the proper coaching package.

The structure of my online coaching includes program design, which includes the workouts (exercises, reps, sets, and video support), schedule, and nutrition that compliments your goals, and training.

I guide you to implement that program, and adjust/modify your program, as needed.  Resources are provided to help you understand your training and nutrition.

The fitness goals range from health + wellness fat loss client to building muscle/getting lean, stepping on stage (superlean), or just looking like an everyday athlete.

I have clients, who are newbies, intermediates, and advanced clients, looking to level up their training.

I invite you to read the criteria for each coaching package.

Register for one of the coaching packageslifestyle coaching, or 1:1 coaching listed on each of the description pages.

Fill out the coaching application.

Tell me your story, and what you are looking to achieve.  

Response time is one day on weekdays, and two days if it is a weekend.


I design a variety of nutritional plans.  The design is based on your individual nutritional needs, fitness goals, and lifestyle. This is included in the lifestyle, and 1:1 coaching packages.

The most popular types of nutritional plans designed are for fat loss, building muscle, vegan, vegetarian, and lifestyle wellness plans.  

I can work with many limitations and nutritional restrictions.

I am not married, to one type of eating strategy, and remain open to all possibilities. It is part of my alternative eating approach.

My approach to nutrition has evolved over the years. I can give the foods, for example, meal plans, or just the macros.  It depends on you, and how you feel you work best. As a former educator, I provide extra information and teach you how to do your own nutrition as a lifestyle. 

Clients come with a variety of nutritional sensitivities, or allergies to certain foods.  

The most frequent sensitives/allergies are eggs, nuts, seafood, dairy, and gluten, some fruits and vegetable sensitivities.  

I will never force you to eat something that you don’t like or do not digest well.


Program design is my obsession!

If you need a workout program, you have landed in the right place.  I have coaching packages and training programs for immediate access to help get you started.

The 5-home gym equipment essentials are my minimum recommendation to get started.  I have helped many clients build their own home gyms.

It depends on your knowledge, and level of training experience.

If you know how to adjust your body, and can communicate to me when something is not working (ie pain), then yes, we can work around any injury or limitation.

If you are not confident in your ability to perform an exercise correctly, an in-gym personal trainer might be a good option.

There are times when I do offer group online virtual sessions. Keep checking back.

Zoom Live Fitness Coaching | FIT 515 


We offer coaching online, hybrid coaching, and personal training sessions.  Visit the services page, for more info.

The goal is to get you started on your fitness journey but also keep you going as a lifestyle.

We can use that time, to show you how your fitness can work, within your schedule, and how to adjust it when life gets cray-cray. 

Your plan works; if you work your plan.


With 25 years of experience in competing, contest prep, published fitness modelling, and life experience (juggling family, work, and training, building a business, online and in-person), please reach out if competing is your goal.  

Here are some of my before + afters under testimonials

My education includes B.Sc in Biology, B. Education, NSCA-CPT certified, CISSN in nutrition, CanFitPro PTS, and PN1.

I have trained myself for a number of years before ever hiring a coach. I have qualified and attended 8x Arnold Internationals, and 3x Olympia qualified. I am a champion in many federations, 13 years as an IFBB Pro, and have won a number of pro shows, all without a coach.  I am also a mother of 2 – aged 15, and 5 years, and have breastfed for 4 years, all while competing.  

I am updating my knowledge yearly, attend shows, and am sensitive to the emotional, financial, and time commitment that is competing.


Any of the women’s divisions such as bikini, figure, fitness, women’s physique, fitness model and wellness. 


The START HER FIT KIT is a group online coaching fat loss focus program to help get you started on your fitness journey.

This is a complete training and nutrition program.

Included mini-courses on a variety of essential fitness topics. We cover training, and nutrition, and provide support/guidance. 

You must be in good physical health, have no injury limitations, and have no food restrictions.

This is a group online coaching, and I like to have the group as homogeneous as possible.

Likes or dislikes of foods, we can workaround.

If you have multiple food restrictions/allergies or are a picky eater, 1:1 or lifestyle coaching are great options.


Note | The SFK program has evolved over the last 6 challenges. The program will be available as a self-directed fitness challenge here on my site, in the next couple of weeks. Please check back periodically.


Feel free to check out my blog, which houses, a ton of information, and it is updated regularly, so check back often.

Use, the ‘search’ function, on the site, to google any topic, as I have many articles, on fat loss, building muscle, competing, pregnancy, and coaching.

Visit the testimonials section of my site, to see the results of other clients and read their stories.

If you are unsure if we should work together, try googling me. 😉 


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