Home Equipment Essentials

home gym equipment essentials balls bands elastic mat yoga

Home Equipment Essentials

Home-based workouts are a time-saving way to stay fit.

You are able to train on your own schedule, in the privacy of your own home.  

You can focus without distraction, on your own training, and never have to wait, for a machine, cable system, or the squat rack.  If you feel intimidated by the gym atmosphere, training at home is a great place to start. 

Although bodyweight workouts are possible, there are times, when the movements, can be too advanced, for the beginner trainee.  

Mix up your training, with these home equipment tools, can help keep you inspired, and build a foundation of strength, no matter, what level of fitness.

Here are the 5 most essential home equipment essentials, recommended to ⭐️ have an effective workout at home.


Versatile and compact, the resistance bands + door anchor is the key piece of home gym equipment. 

They travel well on the road or on vacation and have an easy setup/takedown.

Some bands come in a kit with resistance bands + door anchor + ankle cuffs + storage bag + handles.

Bands provide tension to the contracting muscles, which is key to progressive overload and building strength.   You can always make the exercise harder, by creating more distance, from the anchor point, or doubling up bands.  

The door anchor + resistance bands are a great combination for working out those essential pull movements.

Technology and cell phones have weakened our upper back and neck muscles.  Resistance band training can help correct and improve postural health.

Installation is as easy as having a door, or another anchor point.  

Door set up:

        • Put the knob part into the door frame
        • Close, and latch the door.
        • Loop the band, through the door anchor, and voila, your own home cable system.  

There are oodles of resistance band exercises, to help you build strength, endurance, and burn body fat.

Home Equipment Essentials
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Mini circle loop bands or booty bands are an additional tool to add to your home gym equipment toolbox.  

Often used for various glute focussed exercises, they can also be used for the upper body.  Exercises include resistance on push movements, various pull exercises (shoulder, back), and smaller muscle group exercises, such as triceps and biceps.

These bands, are small in size, but mighty in impact.

I have seen many bigger, guys, be able to lift heavy weights be brought to tears, by using these bands, on those so forgotten smaller muscle groups.

Variations in Style + Color

Rubber circle loop bands, or the original hip circle to other wider cloth bands, that come in a kit. 

The cloth bands are wider, and often have a gummy interior to help to keep the bands in place.  Plus they are wider and are reported to not ‘dig’ as much into the muscles of the thighs, so often reported by the use of the rubber circle loop bands. 

A set of 3 or 5 circle loop bands, is great to have a variety of tensions.  In general, the lighter the color, the lighter the tension.  

Green, yellow, and blues, tend to the lighter in tension, and red, black, and grey tend to be heavier tension.


A stability ball (therapy ball/swiss ball is another common name for this piece of equipment) is another essential to add to your home gym wish list.

Most often recommended as a chair, to help with posture, a stability ball can double as a bench, and ‘from a deficit exercises’ where the upper back or feet are elevated such as hip thrusts, or glute bridges. 

The variety of exercises,  that can be performed with this one piece of equipment is unlimited and it supports all levels of fitness.

Most will use a 55cm ball > this is for the recommendation for individuals under 5’6″.  If you are over, that height selects the next size up > the 65cm ball.

If you budget allows, having a variety of sizes, can work, and sometimes you can buy them as a kit.


A home gym does not feel complete, without dumbbells.

Buying individual dumbbells after 10lbs can get expensive, so if you are budget conscious buying a set of stackable or buildable weights.

This gives you all the poundage you need and saves on space.

If you are traveling by car for vacations, you could take them with you, to the cottage, beach rental, or staying with friends/family.

The dumbbells can act as a ‘from a deficit’, if you need to raise your foot up for exercises such as hip lifts, single leg hip lifts, or back foot elevated split squats. 

The cost can vary, and since COVID prices have gone up dramatically, however, at a price point $1/lbs is the general rule for single dumbbells.  So if you are looking at a 20 lbs dumbbell expect to pay at least $20 or more for that one dumbbell.  


Yoga mats, are not only great for a yoga class, but can help protect knees, lower back/hips, and hip bones, for various hip thrusting movements.  

A yoga mat can be used for any floor work (quadruped, half-kneeling), mobility/warm-up, and during the workout (planking, glute work, upper back) and post-workout stretching.

Plus, if you do go to Yoga class having your own mat, is a sanitary way, to keep your sweat on your own workout space.


There you have it!  

My 5-home gym equipment essentials, to help get you started, (and keep going), with your home-based workouts.  

  • Bands + Door Anchor
  • Mini Circle Loop Bands
  • Stability Ball
  • Weights
  • Yoga Mat

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home gym equipment essentials balls bands elastic mat yoga

Written by Allison Ethier
Allison Ethier, is a wellness lifestyle & body coach, IFBB Fitness Pro, and mom & coffee lover. She provides structured training, and flexible nutrition, to guide everyday athletes, to move better, build strength, and feel good in their own skin. B.Sc, B. Edu, NSCA-CPT, ISSN, PN1 info@allisonethier.com
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