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START-Her Fit Kit was launched back in October of 2019.

For about a week, I promoted, this mini-challenge to get you launched into fat loss mode, and consistency in training, can add up over time to massive results.

In a short 5 weeks my challenge participants, took on their own personal fitness goals, and made it work for them.

Below are a few of their results.

A small reminder – each person is coming from a different background, in training, and nutrition, so the goal, was to SIMPLIFY, the nutrition,  CLARIFY what works for you, and provide ACCOUNTABILITY to ensure success.

YOU , after all, are the most important variable.


I had 9 challenge participants, for my first ever START HER Fit Kit, a  35-day personal fitness challenge.

Two participants, by their own admission did not follow the program.

One other participant, did not follow the timeline, set up, as well, life happens right, but will be following the information set up by the challenge over the next few weeks.  I have included her results, as she made progress, even if there was a late start.

Each participant, was asked, to check-in their weight and measures, every Friday.

Each week, I presented videos lessons, on various nutrition and training topics, and were able to give feedback, or ask futher questions to clarify the information presented.

The selection on which topics are covered, was left up to the group.  If there is a request for something specific, we discussed, that topic.

I am very open to what the needs of the group are, and if frequent questions arise, I did a separte video to cover the questions or concerns.  I found this to work very well, over the challenge, and will be doing this again, for the next challenge.

On to the results.


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Overall, everyone who participated, lost weight.

Some participants, opted, to do additional check-ins, or weight/measures, more frequently.

Some preferred to do less.

The biggest loss was 12lbs in 5 weeks; the next 11lbs.
The smallest weight loss; was 1-2lbs for the 5 week challenge.

The program implementation, was not 100% perfect on plan, each day, however, there was progress.

This was one main goal of the challenge.




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Weight is just one measure, used to track progress.

We also look at measures.

There are times, when the scale changes, very little however, the body measures, will change.

One client went from a 38 inch waist (anything over 40 inches is indicative of possible metabolic, and other health related concerns), to a 33 inch waist.

Another client lost 3 inches off their hips.

Five (5)  week timeline is very short, and these a huge results.

Weight loss/Fat loss is never linear so we use a variety of ways to see if the body/programming is working, and if you are progressing.

The scale is just one measure of progress.


As a educator, (I used to teach high school math) I am big on learning, and creating habits, through practice.

About 25 days into the challenge, I had asked the following question:

What 3 things have you learned so far?

Here are what the challange participants reported.



How to make better food choices.
Exercise is essential to meeting your goal.

The only person you cheat if you don’t follow the plan is yourself.

T. Carpenter



1. Eating MORE food when it is the right food can actually make you lose weight.
2. Discipline feels good (I knew that already, but this has been a reminder!)
3. I like quinoa! I had never tried it before this plan 🙂

J. Lemieux



1. How good I feel without all the bread and pasta
2. I enjoy weight lifting exercises and now look forward to my workouts
3. That when you stop eating dessert and drinking wine you don’t want it as offen, you get ised to not having it and feel wven better for it.

P. Strickland



I am trying to make my own food plan this week with different ideas based on the plan and calories set out by you.  

I am thankful to have chosen to take part as I am feeling much better with a few pounds gone.  

M. Roarke



1. Having everything ready to go is key ie food, gym bag clothes if going to the gym early before work.
2. I work better off a structured plan even if not 100% I still do much better.
3. Getting up .5-1 hour earlier to go to the gym makes you feel better not worse!

S. Norwick


Are you ready to take on your own 5-week challenge?

My next ⭐️ START HER Fit Kit challenge will start 10 January 2020!



  1. Getting your goals; is possible, even when life is difficult.
  2. Structure, organziation is key to the success
  3. Learning is on going, it is up to you to keep going.
  4. Accountability keeps you on track.
  5. Investing in you; and your health is always a good thing.


I have to mention, that I am an army of ONE.

I learn by doing, making mistakes, adjusting, reading, and testing, then modifying and re-testing to see what will work, and what needs to be eliminated.

Over the years, I have learned, with works, for fat loss, and keeping weight off.  Luckily my challenge participants, were open to adjusting on the fly.  Here are some of the challenges, I faced, during this initial start-her fit kit challenge.

1. Live Video

I was hoping to do more live video with my challenge participants. I learned from a friend how to use ZOOM a live platform, and have my participants, with me during the broadcasts, and then I would repost the videos to my private facebook group.   However, since I am a mom, and when I get home, the night becomes, homework, supper, preparing for the next day, cuddle times, bath, bed, and well, knowing my own schedule, and accepting my current life’s limitations it is hard for me to scheudle everyone for live video.  Live video works if there a conversation, not just me presenting, or a monologue.   For now, videos will be deliever, via, pre-recordings, and sent to all challenge participants.   I love the LIVE video but in the context of my life it just does not work right now.

2. Some participants requested paper copies of the workouts.

I use the app, as the foundation, as it houses, video of each exercise, for you to watch, so you don’t have to go elsewhere to find the exercise, I am assigning.  However, I do have a youtube channel set up, and well, youtube, in general, has oodles of videos of that particular exercise.   This is possible for the next challenge.

3.  Learning the app

I deliver all the programming – training and nutrition – through an online platform, that I use. There is a learning curve, although not a steep one, there is some uncomfortableness that comes with learning something now. Once everyone got a hang of these technie stuff, they loved the app, the use of it, and were surprised, at how much it did offer.

4. Massive App Update

There was a massive update on the platform, a week after the challenge started.  I cannot say I was not worried. I could hear the frustation in many of the participants, not being able to access certain parts of the app.   There was the classic version of the app, I use, and the new one – the more updated platform, which was layden with bugs, freezing screens, and inability to log stuff in the app.  I log everything in the app, as I can see everything on the back of the app.  Currently, the app is working well, but when new updates are pushed out, that is when things tend to freeze, or get stuck.

5. Overall

It was a joy, to be back teaching to a small group. I had taugh math for years, and being around others, or in a group setting is always more fun. I am a problem solver by nature, and loved, when participants would write to me, with their wins, or when things were not going well, and how to get around this ‘roadblock’.  Hopefully my next set of challenge participants, will have just as many questions.

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Coach, A.

Written by Allison Ethier
Allison Ethier, is a wellness lifestyle & body coach, IFBB Fitness Pro, and mom & coffee lover. She provides structured training, and flexible nutrition, to guide everyday athletes, to move better, build strength, and feel good in their own skin. B.Sc, B. Edu, NSCA-CPT, ISSN, PN1
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