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Lifestyle Coaching Clients | Check-Ins

Check-ins are a tracking method that can help you stay accountable and remember your healthy lifestyle habits.

It’s a good idea to write down/log in the app what you’ve accomplished in the last two weeks so you can evaluate what’s working and what needs to be improved. If you would like a paper tracker, vs online, message me in-app, and I will send that out to you.

Your check-in is due twice monthly. You will be given the dates, in advance, to help you organize your calendar.

If you are not submitting it that week (vacations/holidays/no check-in), just send me a quick summary of how things are going, or no check in that week.

Bi-Monthly Check List

  • If weight loss or fat loss is your goal, weigh and measure yourself, on Friday or Saturday, and update in the app before having an off-plan meal.
    Most off-plan meals, are higher in fat and carbs, that can hold water affecting your results.
  • On the first and third Mondays of each month, submit the Check-in Summary Form.
    If you miss your check-in, you can submit the following check-in for updates.
    Check-ins are listed in your calendar, and a reminder message is sent out the Sunday before.
  • Photos are due once per month – the first Sunday of the month, and are listed in your calendar in app.
    Photos reminders are set up in your personal calendar and can be synced with your online agenda/calendar.
  • I’ll go over your check-in form, and provide relevant feedback.
    Check-ins are due by Monday by noon EST.
  • Questions/answers will be provided in the Q&A group, and summaries will be listed in the lifestyle coaching group.
    Your monthly calendar will have your workouts, macros listed under nutrition, and a lifestyle habit to practice for the month (~4 weeks) 

All items are required unless otherwise specified.

Lifestyle Biweekly Report

The minimum is 3 x 30 mins strength, training, and 3 x 30 mins of cardio (your choice) Over two weeks, that would be 6 strength, and 6 cardio sessions per week. Did you log your weight/workouts in the app?

Extra workouts, walking, activities?

Are you logging your food, considering the calorie, and macro recommendations? Quality of food sources, amounts, and volume of food?

Are you pooping reguarly?

Are you getting 7-9 hours of sleep per night? Do you wake feeling rested?

Any aches or body pains, that inhibit you from achieving your biweekly goals?

Are your workouts challenging enough?

The work/life balance is it currently working for you? Any areas you would like to improve?

Did you realize anything about your training/nutrition or mindset? Has anyone said anything positive to you concerning your health or fitness?


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