1:1 Coaching


Individualized training and nutrition based on your fitness goals (build muscle, lose weight), current lifestyle factors and equipment available.

What’s Included:

  • training program (3, 4, 5 days)
  • nutrition meal plans based on your preferences (balanced, no daily, vegetarian, gluten-free)
  • 2x/month coaching calls
  • direct message (24-7)
  • updates & adjustments


About this coaching package & next steps

  1. For those who are interested in working directly with an experienced coach.
  2. This coaching package is best for those who need accountability, and an individualized training and nutrition approach. 
  3. Goals range from body transformations (building muscle/losing body fat), to levelling up your training from your current workout approach, or those who need a more customized approach.
  4. You will receive your bespoke training program, with adjustments and updates, and 2x monthly coaching calls.
  5. Included in this coaching program are:  training, nutrition, adjustments, check-ins and ongoing message contact in-app, with video support.
  6. If this coaching package interests you – please fill out the online contact form to discuss, and see if this is the correct coaching option for you. 

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