Fit 515 Live Bootcamps | Guide

Hello Super Human!

Thank you for joining in FIT 515 Bootcamp classes every Monday to Thursday at 5:15 am eastern time zone.

Whether you join us LIVE or watch the replays for accountability, all workouts make you feel amazing!

It is not always easy but it is always worth it.

General Information

Each workout is 40 minutes long. The workout structure can vary, however, this is a common format: 

  • 5 mins warmup
  • Supersets or triple or quadruple sets of full-body circuits
  • Rest is 1 min between rounds.
  • 3-5 mins of cool down/stretching – however follow along videos or workouts are provided.

We use a variety of home gym essentials, which are dumbbells, resistance bands, and mini bands, yoga mats, and a stability ball.

A great workout starts the night before


  • clothes laid out and ready
  • shoes and socks
  • phones/laptop charged
  • water bottle ready in the fridge
  • alarm set
  • coffee maker set
  • workout space set up/and equipment in your workout area
    (balls, bands, weights, mat, stability ball)

Class begins at 5:15 am eastern sharp
Ends 5:55-6:00am



Setting Up your Phone/Laptop

One thing that often comes up is how to set up your phone or your iPad or laptop in order to view the class.  If you are using a laptop placing it on a chair, or table, is the best option.  iPhone, you can lean it against something, however, it may slide or fall over, so a stand can help hold the phone and angle it correctly to view you, vs, more of a reading, style.

Here are a few items, to consider to help your zoom experience.  


Links are sent out in the ATeam App, through the chat function. You must be a member, to join the ATeam Chat.  

It is a group chat, that will be updated frequently, with the post-class zoom links, summary document, and summary workout page here on

If your internet connection happens to disconnect, just go back to the link, and ask to join again.  Most times if zoom or an update needs to happen, restarting your device is the best option to troubleshoot.

If you have a laptop or iPad, with a bigger screen to be able to see me, vs your phone.  We use of course what we have available.

Turn your mic off after the info of the workout, for the duration of the class, just so that we don’t hear breathing or background noise.

To hear my voice better, use wireless headphones, and turn up the volume, vs using the speakers of your laptop or phone.  There are times, when the case of the phone/iPad can muffle, the sound of my voice/and or the music.


image of laptop and a iphone for the fit 515 ateam app

Replays are available directly after the broadcast.


The class goes quite quickly (40 mins from start to finish is not a lot of time), and I use all the time we have to maximize our workouts, so we will jump into the class quickly without much intro in the morning.

Depending on time, stretching may be done in the class, or stretching videos are available and included in the ATeam app.

Cardio can be added if you are looking for more fat burning/weight loss. Three (3)X 30 mins per week of walking is recommended.

Questions?  Every Friday, feel free to drop them in the chat, and all will be responded in a group chat format.

Written by Allison Ethier
Allison Ethier, is a wellness lifestyle & body coach, IFBB Fitness Pro, and mom & coffee lover. She provides structured training, and flexible nutrition, to guide everyday athletes, to move better, build strength, and feel good in their own skin. B.Sc, B. Edu, NSCA-CPT, ISSN, PN1
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